Life Update

So it seems that I am horrible at posting on LJ. Not that I don't like it. But I feel that this journal has too many bad memories that I have burned into it's pages.

Update to whats going on in my life.

I had my baby, well the wife did. I just showed up and kept saying "your doing such a good job". Very paniced and very enotional time. That was back in November. since then I have been doing a lot of working and going home.

I'm taking classes at Cardinal Stritch, working on my BSSMIS ( Business in IT management ) I feel that this is the best direction for me to go. That or find a completely new line of work, which doesn't look like its going to be happening any time soon.

Still playing WoW, and Warhammer. Gotten a tattoo. Ummm... Thats about it right now.

I suddenly feel like my life isn't really all that amazing.

Well, if anyone would like to see more posts bug me and I will get you my Facebook info. Honestly that is where I am most of the time anyways.
Below is a picture of Ember whe she obviously was not in the mood for pictures and was moments from reminding us how loud she can be when hungry. :)
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I lol'ed

So I haven't posted much.
I'm living with Brigitte now.
Its fun. Like having a family of my own.

I played a few games of Warhammer Fantasy as of late. I have been building a Vampire counts army, and while those pesky Wood Elves have won the day once, I have taken out an entire Demonic Incursion. Killing them all. No survivors were left.

I know its random, but yeah. :) the game makes me happy.

For those of you who are still reading my random posts let me know how you are doing. I don't get a chance to actualy read LJ anymore. Stupid "real life" I miss the simple days. :P

Lambo Field, here we come!

So for my B-day, Brigitte has comepletely outdone herself.
She some how managed to sell the souls of several new born children to get tickets to the sold out Packers vs. Bears game this weekend.

Not only that, but she got some kind of VIP tailgate party over at the Brett Favre Steakhouse, which is all you can eat.

Can someone give me a "omfgthisissofuckingcoolfuckin-aSquEEEEEEEE!!!!" ?? Amen!

:D I'm really excited.
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Whats going on?

So Rob one of my co-workers texted me ( because I have off today cuz I work the weekend ) that he was moving over to the Operations team and would no longer working on the desk.
I have never been so crushed about losing a co-worker.
Its like I got divorced from my work spouse. ( something i read online somewhere )

I.. I don't know. I'm kind of bummed.
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Show me on the Doll where Jesus touched you...

So I stopped at the Gas station… like you do when you need gas.
I get out, put the pump in ( side note, I paid 2.74, and there was a note saying “Cash 6.69”) like I’m being punished or something… wth ?
I start pumping gas, and this car pull up on the other side of the pump with 4 people in it.
I hear a door open and this woman with a bunch of paper work gets out and walks up to me.
I’m like “wth” again, and just look at her.
“Her name was Ann, she wanted to talk to adults on the go, like myself, about finding the one true path.”
I look down, dammed Jo-Hos. Yeah, she was trying to pawn her Heretic lies on me.
What makes this story more like a robbery of my morning innocents then a passing solicitation is that after I told her I wasn’t interested and she could have a good day. She practically runs back around the pump and gets in the car and it SPEEDS away like they just robbed the Gas station. I wouldn’t have been surprised if that woman had jumped thru the window Dukes of Hazzard style to get back in. After that I finished pumping my gas and came to work.

So far the highlight of my day is that I picked up a copy of Fable 2.
I'm a bit excited about this, as the first game was really fun, I never finished it because I was told it was a quick play, so I put it on the side to savor for later... like most games that I do that with, i lose that spark of interest and stop playing it.

My job is sucking the soul out of me.
I am hurting in my head, and I wish I had something else to do other then sit on the phone.
I want to be doing something.
I like my job, don't get me wrong, but I'm starting to get headaches again when I leave. I'm taking an asiprin a day just to finish off the day.

I am going to kill one of these clients if I keep getting the Idiot calls.
Its not even funny anymore.
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An Update! With Pictures!!!!!

So yeah, as normal my life has been going great and so I have been not needing to put anything into my LJ for a while.

Most people can read back thru my emo moments and see me being pissy or upset or randomly creative.
Today though I would like to show you the reason why I have been so happy.

I mean I have been happy before this, but I am genuinely happy right now.

I'm working on getting setup to go back to school. I want to get a BA in Business management.
I'm almost done paying off my loan, which is my primary focus. Making my own lunches to help stop eating out as much and spending less time on the computer.

But mostly the big change in my life has been Brigitte.
She is ... with out fail the most wonderful women I have ever had the pleasure to be with.
She changes me, no in ways that make me different, but in ways that make me want to do better for myself, and there fore better for her as well.

Just recently for her birthday I took her to Las Vegas to go see Coldplay. We went to see Cirq du Sole and had a great time on that trip. The show was amazing but that city had nothing on how beautiful she was.
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This past weekend we first went to the Drive-In to see Batman ( yeah it rocks), we had a picnic behind my car while waiting for the show to start. She had sour cream. No really... its sour cream. :)

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Saturday we went to the Zoo... I had the kanga-baby.
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I just wanted to let you kiddies see how beautiful she is. Pictures alone can not tell you the tale of what kind of person she is, but trust me when I say that no one could ever replace her.
She is perfect to me.